16 Best Data Governance Tools and Software for 2022

More and more enterprises attach importance to data governance. In such an era of data-driven growth, data governance is becoming the only way for some enterprises or units to digital transformation. Below, we will briefly introduce 16 best data governance tools and software, ranked in no particular order, including domestic and foreign data governance tool platform companies.

Best Data Governance Tools

Best Data Governance Tools

Best Data Governance Tools – 1. Alation

Platform: ASG Technologies

Description: Alation provides a platform for a broad range of data intelligence solutions, including data search and discovery, data governance, data management, analytics and digital transformation. The product features a behavioral analysis engine, built-in collaboration capabilities, and an open interface. Alation can also analyze data and monitor usage to ensure users have an accurate picture of data accuracy. The platform also provides insight into how users create and share information from raw data.

Best Data Governance Tools – 2. ASG Technologies

Platform: ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence

Description: ASG Technologies provides a data intelligence platform that discovers data from over 220 traditional and big data sources. The tool features automatic data labeling through pattern matching, reference data integration, and enrichment metrics. Automating business pipelines gives users a better understanding of their data, and governance capabilities include the ability to track data in data lakes and traditional sources. ASG’s EDI product offers an impressive feature set, with reference customers praising the vendor’s support for a variety of business use cases.

Best Data Governance Tools – 3. Ataccama

Platform: Ataccama ONE

Description: Ataccama ONE is a comprehensive data management and governance platform that also includes master data management and data quality capabilities. The solution touts a machine learning-centric user interface, as well as a data processing engine responsible for data transformation, evaluating business rules, and matching and merging rules. The platform supports any data, domain and various integrations.

Best Data Governance Tools – 4. Atlan

Platform: Atlan

Description: Atlan’s data workspace platform provides capabilities in four key areas, including data classification and discovery, data quality and profiling, data lineage and governance, and data exploration and data integration. The product features a Google-like search interface, automated data analysis, and a searchable business glossary for generating consensus on data. Users can also manage data usage and adoption across the ecosystem with granular governance and access controls, no matter where the data resides.

Best Data Governance Tools – 5. Collibra

Platform: Collibra Platform

Related Products: Collibra Catalog, Collibra Privacy & Risk

Description: Collibra’s data dictionary documents an organization’s technical metadata and how it is used. It describes the structure of a piece of data, its relationship to other data, and its origin, format, and use. The solution provides a searchable repository for users who need to understand how and where data is stored and how it is used. Users can also document roles and responsibilities, and leverage workflows to define and map data. What makes Collibra different is that the product is designed for enterprise end users.

Best Data Governance Tools – 6. Claravine

Platform: Claravine

Description: Claravine’s Data Standards Cloud enables customers to drive internal consistency with standards across datasets, types and sources. The product can create easy-to-follow requirements with referenceable fields and descriptions. Users can also audit, manage and standardize data, and automatically verify the placement and configuration of labels on landing pages to maintain standards. Claravine touts the ability to grant users or groups the right roles and permissions through standard and custom settings, as well as the ability to view, audit, and visualize platform activity using dashboards.

Best Data Governance Tools – 7. Egnyte

Platform: Egnyte

Description: Egnyte provides a content security, compliance and collaboration solution that manages an organization’s files no matter where they are located. The product features multiple user access capabilities, lifecycle management, data security, compliance, business process management, and API integration through a unified solution. Information governance capabilities include finding valuable sensitive data, compliance automation, and more. Egnyte also promotes fine-grained policy controls for remote work and modern file systems.

Best Data Governance Tools – 8. erwin

Platform: erwin Data Governance

Related Products: erwin Data Intelligence Suite, erwin Data Catalog, erwin Data Literacy, erwin EDGE Portfolio

Description: erwin provides a unified software platform for combining data governance, enterprise architecture, business process and data modeling. Delivered as a managed service, the product allows users to discover and harvest data, as well as build and deploy data sources by connecting physical metadata to specific business terms and definitions. erwin imports metadata from data integration tools as well as cloud-based platforms and can evaluate complex lineages across systems and use cases.

Best Data Governance Tools – 9. Immuta

Platform: Immuta

Description: Immuta’s automated data governance platform enables users to discover and access data through a dedicated data catalog. The product features an intuitive policy builder that provides author policies in plain English without writing code, so security executives can write policies across any data. Immuta also enables compliant collaboration through projects, controlled workspaces where users can share data. When users switch projects, they will have the correct permissions and control. Immuta runs as a containerized solution on-premises, in the cloud or via a hybrid model.

Best Data Governance Tools – 10. Informatica

Platform: Axon Data Governance

Related Products: Informatica Product 360, Informatica Customer 360, Informatica Supplier 360

Description: Informatica Axon Data Governance is an integrated, automated data governance solution for fast access to curated data. The product ensures teams can find, access and understand the data they need through curated marketplaces. Axon also supports data dictionary development to provide a consistent source of business context across multiple tools. Users can also use this solution to visualize data lineage, automatically measure data quality, and ensure data privacy.

Best Data Governance Tools – 11. Oracle

Related Products: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog

Description: Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management is a metadata management platform that can collect and categorize metadata from any provider. The product allows interactive searching and browsing of metadata and provides data lineage, impact analysis, semantic definition and semantic usage analysis for any metadata asset in the catalog. Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management also touts advanced algorithms for stitching together metadata assets from each provider.

Best Data Governance Tools – 12. OvalEdge

Platform: OvalEdge

Description: OvalEdge provides a local data catalog and governance toolset that crawls databases, data lakes and backend systems to create intelligent catalogs of information. The product provides a discovery platform that both novice and seasoned data analysts can use to quickly discover data. OvalEdge includes built-in governance tools to help define standard business vocabularies, data assets, PII, and restrict access through various roles. It also organizes data automatically through machine learning and advanced algorithms.

Best Data Governance Tools – 13. SAP

Platform: SAP Master Data Governance

Related Products: Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA

Description: SAP provides enterprise MDM capabilities through its SAP Master Data Governance product. The solution can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and enables users to consolidate and centrally manage master data. SAP includes support for all master data domains and implementation styles, pre-built data models, business rules, workflows and user interfaces. Master Data Governance also allows you to define, validate and monitor established business rules to confirm master data readiness and analyze data management performance.

Best Data Governance Tools – 14. Segment

Platform: Segment

Description: Segment provides a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that collects user events from our mobile applications and provides organizations with a complete data toolkit. The product can be divided into three iterations based on user roles (a segmentation of the marketing team, product team, or engineering team). Segment works by letting you standardize data collection, unify user records, and route customer data into whatever system is needed. The solution also touts over 300 integrations.

Best Data Governance Tools – 15. Semarchy

Platform: Semarchy xDM

Description: Semarchy offers a master data management solution called xDM. The product utilizes machine learning algorithms for curation and advanced matching, survival, management and classification. The tool has a native data model that facilitates transparent lineage, hearability, and governance. xDM can integrate any data source through real-time and batch APIs to integrate data centers with existing applications and business processes. Semarchy offers a 30-day free license key trial of xDM for on-premises and cloud.

Best Data Governance Tools – 16. Talend

Platform: Talend Data Catalog

Related Products: Talend Open Studio, Talend Data Structures, Talend Data Management Platform, Talend Data Preparation, Talend Big Data Platform, Talend Data Services Platform, Talend Integration Cloud, Talend Stitch Data Loader

Description: The Talend data catalog automatically crawls, profiles, organizes, links and enriches metadata. As much as 80% of the information associated with data is automatically recorded and kept up to date through intelligent relationships and machine learning. Key features of the data catalog include faceted search, data sampling, and semantic discovery. Classification and automatic configuration files. The tool also includes social curation and data relationship discovery and authentication, as well as a full suite of design and productivity tools.


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