Why data governance is a must for any organization?

What is data governance? What are the problems faced by big data governance? Why data governance is a must for any organization? What are the benefits of data governance? If you are looking answers to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll try to answer these questions. 

Why data governance is a must for any organization?

Why data governance is a must for any organization?

What is data governance?

In general, the goal of data governance is to improve data quality and maximize data value. Specifically, the tasks of data governance include the following:

  • Create a refined data governance system and an organizational data resource fusion classification system;
  • Build a unified scheduling, accurate service, safe and available information sharing service system;
  • Build a multi-source heterogeneous data resource access system with flexible adaptation, standardization and modularization;
  • Build a standardized, streamlined and intelligent data processing system.

What are the problems faced by big data governance?

Problems faced by big data governance: Although some large enterprises have done a good job in informatization and automation, they still face many problems and difficulties in data governance. Enterprises face three major problems in data governance, the biggest of which is organizational structure.

In terms of organizational structure, enterprises must have a data management department, which means enough attention from the company level. An effective organizational structure is a strong guarantee for the success of the project. In order to achieve the expected goals of the project, it is very necessary to plan the organization and the division of responsibilities before the project starts.

The second is the lack of tool chain. The effect of data governance in enterprises is often not good. What is the reason? Many times, companies rely on manual labor, such as in data preparation, data standards, etc. The last problem is that the meaning of the data is unclear. Although enterprises have all the data they should have, the business meaning of the data is not clear, and there is no standard between the data. Therefore, it is difficult for enterprises to make good use of data.

Why data governance is a must for any organization?

In the process of data accumulation in various enterprises of big data, many companies pay attention to the “quantity” of data, but few companies pay attention to the “quality” of data, as if all problems can be solved as long as there is a large amount of data.

The real situation is that the company has a large amount of data. If the company cannot guarantee a certain data quality, it will not only not solve the problem, but will create more troubles, such as: inconsistent enterprise data standards, naming rules, inconsistent enterprise data caliber (data statistics are inconsistent), missing important data in statistical results, etc. The above problems will bring great challenges to the operation management and market insight of enterprises.

To solve the above problems, only through data governance can we provide consistent, usable, and secure data objects for different architectures and platforms in different business fields, and truly tap the data value of the enterprise to support operation management and promote business innovation, so as to provide enterprises with business competitiveness.

What are the benefits of data governance?

  • Standardized data asset management methods, processes and strategies will effectively improve the efficiency of data operations;
  • Enterprises will obtain cleaner and higher quality data, laying a solid foundation for further data activities;
  • Improve data security and ensure compliance;
  • Make it easier to establish a close connection between data and business, and promote the realization of data assets.

Therefore, the benefit that data governance can bring is that it can help enterprises transform data value into actual business value more efficiently.


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