SQLFlow including the grabit tool connect to snowflake database and get the lineage for all the objects in the database. It will  analyse the Sql, DDL,procedures, functions. All snowflake specific SQL statements are supoprted including: create stage, copy into, create file format and etc.

This diagram shows the dataflow in a snowflake database. It originated from an AWS s3 data source, then copied into the snowflake database by using create  stage, create file format and copy into snowflake commands, then saves to a temporary table by using the create temporary table statement, and finally, the data is aggregated into the view which the BI and other systems will use.

snowflake data from stage

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Automated snowflake data lineage diagram

snowflake data lineage

1. SQLFlow supports more than 20 major databases such as Snowflake, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
2. You will install The SQLFlow On-Premise version on your own site; users inside your organization can access the data lineage document freely without the need to log in as the SQLFlow Cloud does.
3. The SQLFlow On-Premise version is license as per the site; all users within an organization needn’t pay any additional fee.
4. The SQLFlow On-Premise version can be customized and integrate into your owner data catalog, and support other data warehouses as well, feel free to contact us for further information.