This article illustrates how to discover SQL Server data lineage in 3 minutes by using the Grabit tool together with the SQLFlow.

Steps to capture data lineage in the SQL Server database:

  1. Export SQL Server database structure;  You can specify included database, schema or exclude database, schema
  2. Send the exported data to for automatically data lineage analysis
  3. Check the data lineage result on under your account.
  4. Export the data lineage result to CSV, JSON, Graphml

After analyzing the SQL script submitted by the grabit, the SQLFlow will visualize the data lineage and provides a nice, clean, and actionable diagram.

With this diagram in hand, you can easily discover the data flow/movement from its source to destination via various changes and hops on its way in the SQL Server database.

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SQL Server Data lineage Video

Don’t want to send your SQL Server database schema to the remote SQLFlow server?

No problem!  You can set up the SQLFlow On-Premise version inside your own organization and get all features in the SQLFlow cloud version while no data transferred over the internet.

Need to discover data lineage from other databases?

No problem! SQLFlow support the major databases includes: bigquery, couchbase, dax, db2, greenplum, hana, hive, impala, informix, mdx, mysql, netezza, openedge, oracle, postgresql, redshift, snowflake, sqlserver, sybase, teradata, vertica

Need to discover data lineage from the Version control systems?

No problem! Grabit can fetch all SQL scripts from the version control system such as Github, Bitbucket and send them to the SQLFlow for the data lineage analysis. And all this is done automatically, you only need to enter the credential of Github, Bitbucket.

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