Data Catalog


A data catalog maintains an inventory of data assets through the discovery, description, and organization of datasets. The catalog provides context to enable data analysts, data scientists, data stewards, and other data consumers to find and understand a relevant dataset for the purpose of extracting business value.



Metadata and Lineage discovery

SQLFlow enable our customers to scan and extract metadata and data lineage with in-depth information at a granular level from all their SQL related data sources so that they can build the most holistic and complete data catalog to support their business imperatives.

  • Databases, cloud data warehouses, and cloud data lakes

  • Complex enterprise applications in a version control system such as Github, Bitbucket
  • The local file system

data catalog data lineage discover
data catalog data lineage import

Import data lineage into your data catalog

After discover, scan, and extract metadata and data lineage from the relational databases and SQL script, The result of the metadata is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or file formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV files that can be directly loaded into the Data Catalog without requiring any additional custom modeling or programming.

Visualize metadata in the data catalog

If you already have metadata in your data catalog, after export the metadata to SQLFlow, It gives business users the ability to visualize and analyze data lineage to find answers without the need for programming skills.

Within the interactive graph visualization interface, you know where the data came from, what transformations it underwent along the way, and what other data items are derived from this data value.

data catalog data lineage visualize

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