SQLFlow provides a visual representation of the overall flow of data.

Automated SQL data lineage analysis across Databases, ETL, Business Intelligence, Cloud and Hadoop environments by parsing SQL Script and stored procedure.

Depict all the data movement graphically.

SQLFlow: SQL Data Lineage Tool

Support more than 20 major databases and still growing.

data lineage tools discover lineage from different sources

Provide automation in building the lineage no matter where the SQL resides: databases, file system, Github, Bitbucket and etc.

Shows data flows in a way that is user-friendly, clear, and understandable.

Get full visibility into your BI environment.

Discovering Root-Cause of Reporting Errors, creates invaluable business confidence.

Simplify regulatory compliance.

The visualization of data lineage provide greater transparency and audit ability.

Enable impact analysis at a granular level, drill down into table, column, and query-level lineage.

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