Python Data Lineage

Python data lineage is a collection of  python codes that utilize the SQLFlow REST API to discover the data lineage by analyzing the SQL scripts.

You may integrate the python data lineage code into your own python project. So your python project will have the powerful data lineage discovering capablity instantly.

Python data lineage features

How python data lineage tool works

snowflake data lineage
  • Python data lineage tool works with the SQLFlow server

  • Connect to the SQLFlow Cloud Server helps you getted start quickly

  • Setup SQLFlow on-premise version on your own site without any connection to the internet.

  • Intergrate the data lineage diagram into your own system

Using python data lineage

All the python data lineage source code is on the Github repo, you can use those python codes in your project and add the powerful data lineage discovering capability in 10 minutes.