8 Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools in 2022

To speed up data cleansing, data integration, data exploration, and more, companies are leveraging open source data profiling tools. Over the years, data profiling has proven to be one of the key requirements before using datasets for any project. This approach is critical for data transformation and migration, data warehousing, and business intelligence projects. If you are looking for the best open source data profiling tools, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best open source data profiling tools in 2022 to make your life easier.

Open Source Data Profiling Tools

Open Source Data Profiling Tools

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 1. Talend Open Studio

Talend Open Studio is one of the most popular open source data integration and data profiling tools that performs simple ETL and data integration tasks in bulk or in real time.

Some of the capabilities of the tool include cleaning and managing data, analyzing the characteristics of text fields, and instantly integrating data from any source. One of the unique value propositions of this tool is its ability to advance matching with time series data. In addition, Open Profiler provides an intuitive user interface that displays a series of graphs and tables showing the analysis results for each data element.

While Talend Open Studio is free for all users, other paid versions of the tool have advanced features and cost between $1,000 and $1,170 per month.

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 2. Quadient DataCleaner

Quadient DataCleaner is an open source, plug and play data profiling tool that helps you perform a comprehensive quality check on your entire database. It is widely used in data gap analysis, completeness analysis, and data wrangling, and is one of the popular data profiling tools.

With Quadient DataCleaner, users can also perform data enrichment and periodic cleansing to ensure extended data quality. In addition to quality checks, the tool visualizes results with convenient reports and dashboards.

While the community version of the tool is free for all users, the price of a paid version with advanced features will be disclosed based on your use case and business needs.

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 3. Open Source Data Quality and Profiling

As a data quality and data preparation solution, Open Source Data Quality and Profiling provides a high-performance integrated data management platform that performs data profiling, data preparation, metadata discovery, anomaly discovery, and more.

Originally a data quality and preparedness tool, it now has data governance, data-rich changes, real-time alerts, and more. Today, the tool also enables Hadoop to transfer files between Hadoop grids for seamless processing of large amounts of data.

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 4. OpenRefine

OpenRefine, formerly known as Google Refine and Freebase Gridworks, is an open source tool for dealing with messy data. Launched in 2010, OpenRefine’s active community has been dedicated to enhancing data profiling tools for users to keep them relevant to their changing needs.

Supported in more than 15 languages, OpenRefine is a Java-based tool that allows users to load, cleanse, coordinate, and understand data. To ensure improved data profiling, it has also added information from the web. For heavy data conversions, users can take advantage of the GREL, Python, and Clojure.

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 5. DataMatch Enterprise

As a popular toolkit for code-free profiling, cleansing, matching, and deduplication, DataMatch Enterprise provides a highly visual data cleansing application specifically designed to address customer and contact data quality issues. The platform leverages a variety of proprietary and standard algorithms to recognize speech, obfuscation, false keys, abbreviations, and domain-specific variants.

While DataMatch Enterprise (DME) is free to download, other versions, such as DataMatch Enterprise Server (DMES), are available for a certain price after pre-ordering the demo.

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 6. Ataccama

As an enterprise data quality fabric solution that helps build agile, data-driven organizations, Ataccama offers a free, open source data profiling tools that include features that enable users to analyze data directly from the browser, advanced analytics metrics including foreign key analysis, performing transformations on any data, and more.

The platform also uses ARTIFICIAL intelligence to detect anomalies during data loading to notify data problems, and focuses on several aspects of data profiling, including different modules such as Ataccama DQ analyzers to simplify data profiling. The community is making further efforts to improve data profiling with upcoming modules such as data preparation and freemium data catalog.

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 7. Apache Griffin

As an open source data quality solution for big data to unify the process of measuring data quality from different perspectives, Apache Griffin also supports batch and stream modes to meet different data analysis requirements. Griffin provides a set of predefined data quality domain models to address a broader range of data quality issues, which enables companies to accelerate data profiling on a large scale.

Best Open Source Data Profiling Tools – 8. Power MatchMaker

As an open source Java-based data cleansing tool created primarily for data warehouse and customer relationship management (CRM) developers, Power MatchMaker allows you to cleanse data, validate, identify, and delete duplicate records.

Highly designed to address the challenges that arise during customer relationship management (CRM) and data warehouse integration, Power MatchMaker is the preferred solution for transforming key dimensions, merging duplicate data, and building cross-reference tables.

The Power MatchMaker tool is free to download and use, and provides production support and training at a reasonable price.


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