10 Best Free Database Management Software (DBMS) for 2022

Any Web software and application requires a powerful database management tool. At present, there are various database management tools on the Internet, and it is very important for developers to choose a suitable database management tool for themselves. In this article, we’ve collected 10 powerful, free database management tools that can help developers solve a lot of difficult problems with ease.

Free Database Management Software

Free Database Management Software

Free Database Management Software – 1. Open KeyVal

OpenKeyval is a free, open source key-value database management tool, based on the Web and developed based on PHP, with the goal of managing Web application data in the easiest way. Users only need to send a POST request to store any type of data. It is also possible to send a request to delete data at any time. It responds to requests in JSON format.

Free Database Management Software – 2. DBV

DBV is an open source database version management tool based on PHP. After installing DBV, it automatically keeps track of records and allows users to export those SQL files that reflect changes. MySQL automatically supports DBV by default and allows multiple user connections.

Free Database Management Software – 3. Dbeaver

DBeaver is a general-purpose database management tool and SQL client that supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, Sybase, Mime, HSQLDB, Derby, and other JDBC-compliant databases. Since DBeaver is developed based on Java, it is suitable for all major operating systems. DBeaver provides a graphical interface for viewing database structures, executing SQL queries and scripts, browsing and exporting data, processing BLOB/CLOB data, modifying database structures, and more.

Free Database Management Software – 4. DBNinja

DBNinja is a relatively “young” Web-based database management software developed in PHP. DBNinja looks like a desktop and can connect to multiple remote and local databases.

Free Database Management Software – 5. MyWebSQL

MyWebSQL is a Web-based MySQL database management client. Thanks to its Ajaxed interface and PHP, MyWebSQL can accomplish tasks with ease. In addition, MyWebSQL can multitask and supports multiple languages.

Free Database Management Software – 6. Genghis

Genghis is a web-based single-file MongoDB management application that can efficiently manage multiple databases and even help users collect and manage databases and document servers.

Free Database Management Software – 7. MyDB Studio

MyDB Studio is a free MySQL database manager tool that has almost all the features you’d expect. Tasks such as editing/deleting data, creating/editing tables or records can all be done through MyDB Studio. It can connect to as many databases as you want at the same time. If these databases are behind a firewall or they are local databases, the tool also provides support for SSH tunnel access to address these issues.

Free Database Management Software – 8. HeidiSQL

HeidiSQLd is a Windows-based database management software that can be used to manage SQL and MySQL databases. HeidiSQLd can browse and edit data, create and edit tables, views, stored procedures, triggers and schedules, export structure and data to SQL files.

Free Database Management Software – 9. SQLite Manager

SQLiteManager is a web-based, open source SQLite management tool. The main features of SQLiteManager include multiple database management, creation and connection, table, data, index manipulation, view, trigger and custom function management. Also, SQLite Manager integrates with PHP and requires no configuration.

Free Database Management Software – 10. Sequel.js

Sequel.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that makes it easy to build SQL queries. It works both on the browser and on all standard SQL queries.


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