SQLFlow on-premise 7 days version lets you try all SQLFlow Cloud version features at a low cost on your server. Once you are satisfied with the features provided by SQLFlow, you may continue to use the on-premise version by purchase the yearly subscription.

We are happy to offer a 7 days SQLFlow on-premise version to our potential customer at the price of $70.(Only 10$ per day)

  • The SQLFlow on-premise version can be set up on Linux, Mac, or Windows platforms.

  • It is more secure and fast by using the on-premise version, sending your private SQL script to the SQLFlow installed on your server to discover the data lineage. No internet connection is needed.

  • Connect to your local database server to grab SQL and analyze the data lineage automatically.

  • You can select one support database in this 7 days on-premise version. (supported databases:bigquery, couchbase, dax, db2, greenplum, hana, hive, impala, informix, mdx, mysql, netezza, openedge, oracle, postgresql, redshift, snowflake, sqlserver, sybase, teradata, vertica)

We hope you are enjoying the SQLFlow 7 days on-premise version.