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2021/10/06 SQLFlow Widget Newsletter 1851 characters,About 6 minutes

SQLFlow is a powerful web application that automated SQL data lineage analysis across Databases, ETL, Business Intelligence, Cloud and Hadoop environments by parsing SQL Script and stored procedure. It depicts all the data movement graphically.

Sometimes, you may just need a lightweight web app that can quickly present the visualization of the data lineage to the user. This web app includes only a few files that can be easily deployed to the customer and copy to the web server.

The basic idea is the separation of the “SQL->JSON” processing layer vs. the “JSON to UI” rendering layer. The lightweight web app only includes the “JSON to UI” rendering layer.

1. “SQL->JSON” processing layer

This processing layer analyzes the input SQL and outputs the column-level data lineage in JSON. This processing layer can be an SQLFlow server Or a Java jar file called from your program specifying input (with a SQL file) and output the JSON.

2. “JSON to UI” rendering layer

This is a Javascript library(SQLFlow widget) that visualize the data lineage in JSON. When the index HTML page is loaded, and then the JS in this page calls back to the webserver for the data in JSON and show all the data movement graphically in the browser.

The lightweight web app

This web app includes the following files:

  • sqlflow.widget.2.4.0.css
  • sqlflow.widget.2.4.0.js
  • index.js
  • index.html

3. Live demo

This is the Live demo that using the SQLFlow widget to visualize the data lineage in JSON file generated by the “SQL->JSON” processing layer in advance.

Here is the directory on a web server. Click the index.html to see the result of visualization.

Please note that SQLFlow widget can be used inside your organization without any connection to the internet and no any third party library is needed.

  • js
    • sqlflow.widget.2.4.0.css
    • sqlflow.widget.2.4.0.js
  • data

4. Feedback

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments to use this column-level data lineage processing library.

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